September 18, 2007

My own Motorcycle Diaries

I asked Katie a question the other day.

N: "Katie, can I get a motorcycle?"
K: "Sure."
N: "...what? Really?"

Totally not the answer I was expecting. This is something I've been thinking about for the last couple of months, and it materialized when I was at lunch, talking with someone I work with who owns an older Suzuki bike. Logistically, it makes a lot of sense for us. I can take it to work and get a really good parking spot, the gas and insurance are a lot cheaper than getting a second car, and Katie would have the use of our car during the day. Plus it would be a blast... in daylight when the roads aren't slick with a helmet and protective clothing, Mom.

So here's the game plan. I'm casually researching for the next few months to get a feel for what are generally things to look for and also what to look out for in a used bike. Then sometime in the spring after I've become the magical 25 for insurance purposes, I'm going to take a motorcycle training class that I found out is fairly cheap to learn some technique. Plus, if you take a training class, you don't have to demonstrate anything at the DMV, just show them the certificate of completion and take the written test. A used bike will do fine, especially since I could get one in good working condition for under $1000, which I think is great for something with generally faster acceleration than most cars under $80,000.

I was joking with Katie that this motorcycle idea is my mid-life crisis. I don't think it is, but that's why I'm prolonging the process of getting one, just in case.