November 17, 2007

Worst Possible Illusion

Vik Muniz is a Brazillian artist (now US citizen) that deals with how we perceive images and objects. I was introduced to his work through the movie Worst Possible Illusion, a documentary about him and his work, that was played on PBS several years ago. I tried and tried to find some place that sold the video, but it was only available on VHS and the process for getting it was a bit drawn out.

Today, I no longer jones for my own copy. Much to my delight, Muniz has put up the video on his website To see the ~1 hour movie, go to gallery, then select one of his earlier collections (circa 2000), and it should be listed under the Videos. I love his work, and you can see the effort and love he has for connecting with people. I want my work and interactions to have a similar impact on the people around me.

10 things I like about me


1. I'm married.

2. I'm a father.

3. My family and friendships are my most valuable possessions.

4. My perceptiveness. I see lots of details and subtleties that are hidden in seemingly innocuous statements, conversations, mannerisms, and lots of other mediums. And then sometimes I don't see the most obvious happenings right in front of my face.

5. I love my job. And I'm good at it. This is what I should be doing.

6. My mental vision. My mind operates in images and spaces, which means I see ideas and connections almost like you see with your eyes. I create vast expanses to envision the way an idea fits into a sort of global big picture, and then zoom in at various levels to examine attributes, interactions, implications, etc.

7. The way I sleep. I go unconscious fast. I never have problems sleeping, to the point that I have even fallen asleep on my parents' hard linoleum kitchen floor. I move around a considerable amount, and I also speak in clear, distinct sentences for extended periods of time. It should be no surprise that my dreams are quite vivid. I suppose there are perhaps some deleterious consequences for this somnolence, such as elbow-dropping your wife in the face multiple times, destroying the unsuspecting ironing board because a torso-sized tarantula is burrowing into your chest, getting a little too familiar with your brother, and embarrassingly providing for your family's well-being by going through a complete preflight safety announcement.

8. My sense of humor. (see #7)

9. My love for artistic expression.

10. My interests. I'm captivated by very rigorous, challenging activities, both mentally and physically.

I'm pretty sure I was the last to put this up, so I won't bother tagging anybody.