January 2, 2009

The long dream

So here's an entry I started writing quite a while back and never finished. I thought it was interesting enough for me to post it, finally:

Here's an epic dream I had last night. It was one continuous dream, and while I was dreaming, I thought, "man, this is a lonnng dream." Here's what I remember.

I was at my family's original house in Derby, KS, and everything was pretty true to life... except the transformers/mech warriors battling above our house in the backyard. I should not have seen these battles, since they were operating on a different level/social strata/or secretive existence, similar to a special ops unit. I never understood how it was expected for the public to remain ignorant of them, since it was pretty obvious that giant robots were fighting above your head. And the battles were intense, just as vivid as anything you see in any recent action movie, everyone airborne using booster rockets on their feet, metal crushing, parts flying, and missiles roaring. And they were close, just 30-50 feet away. Then one was torn to pieces, and the largest chuck came hurtling to our house. I dove away from our kitchen window down below our kitchen cabinets which happened to be just enough to avoid being crushed. Now that the focus was directed toward my house, my spying was known to the others continuing to battle outside. I had been marked for death, but not so important to be dealt with just then.

I got on my bike and pedaled away. I remembered that my friend Phil, some of his friends, and I were planning on going to a Seattle Seahawks football game later that day, so I stopped by my apartment on my way to the game. I'm not really sure why, but I was just checking in, killing time before the game. I left my apartment thinking it would be better to hang out at the stadium.

I got to the stadium early, and the place was virtually vacant. The stadium was huge with massive concrete structures, tunnels, and four large tiers of seats. Only the most hardcore fans were seated. I suddenly felt very out of place in this cement forest, around an alter I didn't particularly want to worship. I was there to be with friends, and without them even before the festivities got underway, I did not feel good inside. I scanned and scanned the seating tiers to find my friends, until I finally found them. Second tier, center field, very good seats. I tried and tried to call Phil on his cellphone, but the connection was too weak to hear more than a couple of words at once. I never got their seat numbers, but I knew kind of where they were, so I headed down to meet them.

On my way, I ran into my grandparents...*

*(in the present): I remember this dream but I don't remember exactly what happened after this point. I was trying to figure out how to get down to Phil's seats, but I couldn't get away from talking to my grandparents. They were really excited to see me, and I was pretty surprised to see them attending a football game. Every time I tried to slip away, they would ask me a new question, and couldn't really tell that I was wanting to leave to join my friend. And that's what I remember.