August 14, 2010

Being and doing

I went over all of the posts that I started but never finished over the last couple of years, and I just posted the ones that had text in the body. Several were good, but I can remember at the time that it was simply the act of transcribing my thoughts that allowed me to release the ideas, satisfy some thought process, etc. and the need to actually post the material subsided pretty quickly. Here's to accepting more free thinking and writing.

One of the posts was on trusting my initial instincts when addressing a problem. I'm challenged to do this more and more, working through instinct and intuition, now that new my job is demanding a bit more than my previous one. This is exactly what I need to develop more.

Along the same lines, I love the idea of writing stories. Short stories are what I love, so I will post some sketches some time soon. I've always started but then stopped soon after, because I always wanted to see the end in the beginning before I undertook the effort. I'm finding that sometimes that's not a productive means of operating, so here's to blind landings.

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